Home Renovation Mistakes

“Avoid dwelling bad things that can happen in life and focus on developing positive things”! This is a very good advice that I have ever heard. So, we would not dwell on bad things that can happen in home renovation so much that we can move onto the good stuff.

  1. Safety
    Safety is very important in renovating your house because if you get seriously hurt, that sets back your renovation timetable. For example, a lead-based paint and asbestos can ruin anybody’s day, or cutting off your finger on a table saw, piercing the nail through the foot well. One or two out of three of those things can happen to you.
  2. Not using all the resources in planning your home renovation
    Using all the resources that you need in renovating is a big help in planning your home renovation. There are many free resources you can use for your home renovation such as web-based videos, etc.
  3. Not taking advantage on an interior-design project for all its worth
    For example, when installing new drywall, take advantage when the walls open. You can update your electrical wiring or install insulation.
  4. Not getting those three estimates
    You should talk to at least three contractors, if you plan to manage your own contractor; you have to manage a certified contractor for the bigger projects. And if you are subbing the job out yourself, you’ll still need to talk to at least three subcontractors. You will be amazed at how estimates can vary wildly.
  5. Too much DIY
    It’s clear that DIY approach saves money. But there are some projects that can break a person. For example, installing drywall, it is just a drywall, screws, tape and mud. But seven weeks later, you found out that your house is constantly covered with a fine layer of drywall dust without end in sight. There is no humiliation in handing a project over to the pros.

Now you know some of the pitfalls of home renovation, keep this in mind and let’s steer clear of these mistakes and you are already halfway there.